By KerryClean Services LLC.
Top Tips for Vacation Renters
Getting your linens and towels delivered and your beds made is a no-brainer, but here is a list of important tips for a successful stay.

Top 10 things to consider when renting a vacation home

Make sure your rental is close enough to the activities you want to do. Why spend time traveling to your destination just to spend unnecessary time traveling to your desired activities? Look at your location as a mid-way point to all your activities and find an area in the middle of your farthest activities.

If youíre not sure, bring it. Toothpaste, shampoo, dish detergent, if you forget it you have to buy it. Vacation Rental Homes are not hotels. You need to provide the correct linens for the beds and laundry soap for washing clothes, towels and linens. Rental homes usually include plates, cups and cooking utensils. The things you want to bring are paper towels, toilet paper and hand soap.

The number of people vs. the number of beds. Just because the house sleeps 9, does not mean it will fit your sleeping requirements. When you do the math make sure if someone needs their own bed you take that in to consideration.

What are the most important amenities to you? Some amenities are nice to have, like a pool table, hot tub and fireplace and some are necessary like a crib for a baby or an outdoor grill and deck for a party.

Pets are great but not always welcome. Some rentals allow for pets and do charge extra for this. The money goes to extra cleaning costs and wear and tear of the property. If you canít live without them then the extra cost is worth it.

Smoking indoors is not allowed everywhere. During the winter months and on rainy days it would be nice to smoke indoors. If this is a luxury you would like be sure to check if the owner allows smoking.

Rental insurance
Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Accidents happen and plans can fall through. Rental insurance can alleviate the risk from property damage, injury or sickness during the stay or even cancellation of your trip. Your security deposit may not cover everything and with insurance you are better protected from unforeseen occurrences.

Wi-Fi and the internet
Addicted, connected and entertained. If you are the type of person that canít live without the internet, email and all of the services that the World Wide Web provides make sure to check if the house you rent has Wi-Fi for all the laptops notebooks, and tablets that you bring.

Make sure you having enough parking for everyone. If you rent a home for 18 people and you donít all carpool you could end up with 12 cars and only room for 8. Some communities prohibit parking on the street so be sure the driveway can handle the cars you bring.

Learn the community rules and regulations. Things like setting off fireworks and parking in the street can lead to fines for you and the homeowner. Asking for a list of community rules is one way to ensure that there are no surprises.